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Sports leisure activities of the ancient persians Polo players hone their physical and mental skills as they play a game similar to hockey, driving a little ball with mallets into the opposite team’s goal.Only instead of using skates or feet to get around, they ride horses.Historians from the time of darius the great(2, 500 years ago)Record a horse based sport that may have been a version of polo.About 1, 100 years ago, one of persia’s most loved poets, ferdowsi, extolled the polo skills of legendary princes in persian history.He also praised one of persia’s rulers for learning polo by the age of seven.As the pilgrims were settling in massachusetts, shah abbas the great built a capital city around his polo grounds.The ralph lauren uk online center of town was a huge polo field, and its dimensions are those that are currently used for polo fields. Drive through iran today, and you will find men playing backgammon, a past time that has endured for centuries.Play backgammon and you learn strategic thinking as you plan a few moves ahead to beat your opponent.A persian story from the time of the roman empire tells of a page seeking a position in the royal household.He describes the many skills that make him a cultured person, who will fit in well.One of his skills is being expert at backgammon.In another story, a man is described as derelict from excessive drinking and backgammon.